WORLDboots represents a fashion casual brand that produces handmade footwear with an underpinning of orthopedic properties. Our collections are made with the highest quality leathers and proprietary materials that represents our individualism in aesthetic and fit. Our iconic 'bubble sole’ is the common denominator throughout is definably represented in our 2018 catalog in the Arts District of Downtown LA.

Our 2018 catalog represents a 'season-less’ sneaker collection called ‘B’s in collaboration with our agency, No Such Agency . Helena Barton produced the shoot at very unique studio called Yes Creative Studio which enhanced the visual aesthetic of a 'street meets luxury basic’ feel. Jessie Jamz put together an incredible style run and wardrobe selection that fits synonymously with our sneaker collection, mixing athletic wear in vibrant colors with a touch of luxury. Our make-up artist, Marlena Von Kazmier played an important roll in bringing out those styles with top class touch.

Working with Kealan Shilling behind the lens was effortless and easy. We both agreed that if “the vibe is there, we can make magic happen” and I think you see that in this lookbook. He truly captured the talent and essence of what WORLDboots envisions it’s timeless sneakers; superior luxury sneakers with comfort in mind. The black and white B’s will fit with anything from a suit to tracksuit while providing the proper comfort and support.

This lookbook represents more than just sneakers and boots but a way of life. We want you feel good with what you wear, no matter what style that is. It also shows the depth and evolution of what the WORLDboots brand is and what it will become.