Our Story

What separates the ground from your foot is more than material; it is intention and purpose. It is the path you walk as an individual, as well as a representation of community. In our chosen appearance we strive to inspire a new generation, and in our aesthetic differences we move the boundaries of acceptance forward together. Breeding an athletic EVA midsole base with an upper that exudes style, WORLDboots combine podiatric expertise with fashion forward innovation.

Spirited by Korean influence, Wb departs from conventional styles while retaining a strong foundation in American urban fashion. Designed by a Podiatrist with a lucid understanding of footwear design, Wb harmonizes comfort and support with unique aesthetics. Unprecedented in its construction, WORLDboots strives to provide footwear that will support you on your chosen path.
WORLDboots is also committed to sustainability and humanity through the support of positive social efforts. The Soles4Souls Foundation is a fine representation of how we can wear out poverty while also providing support in micro-enterprises in communities in need.

One size will not fit all but one world will.

Thank you for your support.