Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

Good Morning from WORLDboots’ headquarters in sunny (at least today) Southern California! Let’s have some fun! What do you say?

I want everyone who has either the Lees or the Hemeras to take a selfie with them on, tell me where you are and what you are doing and send it to me at Storm@Worldboots.com. I will then post the photographs on this Blog – that way everyone will get to see just how cool and comfortable the Lees and Hemeras really are. To protect your privacy, we won't post your email address or full name, but let us know if you would like us to link your social media. (Please see the note at the bottom of this blog post.)

Don’t forget that WORLDboots is donating $5.00 to Breast Cancer Research/Awareness for every pair of Spanish Pink Lees sold, so let’s get busy and make some money for Charity.


Lastly, and while I am not at all “political”, I think America and the World is getting way too divisive. So, I have made a New Year’s Resolution to do everything I can, personally, to overcome hate and indifference with love. I am going to hold the door for strangers, let people cut in front of me in traffic, greet everyone I meet with a smile and an open mind, and exercise patience, tolerance and understanding in every situation. Maybe by doing this, the people I meet will “pass it on”!

Remember that WORLDboots’ motto is “one size won’t fit all but one World will”! Let’s all get out there and make our World a better place to live (and don’t ever forget to follow your dreams)!





Note: If you send us your photos, we need permission to use them on the website. Please include the following text [with your full name] in your email, along with your photos:

"I [full name] hereby authorize WORLDboots, Inc. to use the attached photo(s) and any images contained therein, on the worldboots.com website, any social media, and any other purpose, in perpetuity, without remuneration or claim thereof.



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