Good Morning from WORLDboots

Good Morning from the Worldboots, Inc headquarters in sunny Southern California – well today it is more like liquid sunshine but hey, we need the rain really bad and it is wonderful to finally be getting some actual rain instead of just “drizzle”. Besides, it is the perfect opportunity to wear your Lees or Hemera sneakerboots.

Since this is our first blog, I thought I would “keep it simple” and just tell everyone a “short story” (the key word here is “short”) about how Worldboots came to fruition.

The “idea” for Worldboots was conceived by Marc D. Bruder, the founder and CEO of Worldboots, Inc., in the back of a cab on a long ride from a hotel in Sao Paolo, Brazil to the airport. During this ride, Marc decided that the “world” needed a new shoe or boot that was not only “fashionable” but also “comfortable”, “athletic” and of a quality that it could be worn in all types of weather (including rain and snow like we are experiencing in California today and many of our customers are experiencing throughout the world at this and other times of year).

Also, Marc wanted to make it part of the mission for Worldboots that shoes/boots could be donated to “feet that need but can’t afford!" Worldboots has already donated numerous pairs of Model1 (which are no longer for sale) and the Lees and Hemeras to #sole4soles and #justintinucci and #theshoecrew.

Thus, the perfect idea for a new footwear company was born, but the first challenge was making sure the principles of quality and style were equally balanced. It wasn't long before "divine intervention” stepped in, and Marc met Ben Zerbe, who is now the COO and designer for Worldboots.

With Ben’s podiatric expertise and his keen eye for fashion, during the course of the next 6 to 8 months (which included several trips to Seoul, Korea where Worldboots’ footwear is manufactured), the Lees and the Hemeras (the “Sneakerboots”) became a reality. The Lees and Hemeras come in numerous colors, and for those of you that live in sunny Southern California, they are available at Belladino Shoe Store at 109 Broadway in Santa Monica, CA.

Check out our website, where you can buy online, and visit our Blog for my next post with photographs of our Launch Party in November, 2016 at The District on 3rd Street in Los Angeles, California.

I'll be writing an update soon about our booth at Liberty Fashions & Lifestyle Fairs (“Liberty Fairs”) platform show from January 24 through January 26, 2017 on Pier 91 in New York City, New York where Worldboots will be exhibiting its line of sneakerboots. #LibertyFairs; #sneakerboots; #fashionfootwear.

Until then, keep your feet on the ground (preferably in Worldboots) and remember to always “follow your dream”.

~ Storm

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