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Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

Good Morning from WORLDboots’ headquarters in sunny (at least today) Southern California! Let’s have some fun! What do you say?

I want everyone who has either the Lees or the Hemeras to take a selfie with them on, tell me where you are and what you are doing and send it to me at I will then post the photographs on this Blog – that way everyone will get to see just how cool and comfortable the Lees and Hemeras really are. To protect your privacy, we won't post your email address or full name,...

Breaking News!!!

Good Morning from WORLDboots headquarters in Southern California.

I know that almost everyone’s life has been touched, in some manner or form, by breast cancer. I lost my beloved Mother to breast cancer in 1978, and I, personally, am a twice breast cancer survivor.

The fight is ongoing, and many of us wouldn’t be here without the amazing research that has been and is being done to eradicate this disease so that our children and grandchildren don’t have to endure the debilitating emotional and physical effects of it.

Thus, I am...

WORLDboots Launch

Good Morning from WORLDboots, Inc.’s headquarters in sunny Southern California – well yesterday it truly was sunny in Southern California (so I was out and about getting my natural Vitamin D) but today it is once again more like liquid sunshine though we are all glad for the rain in hopes that it will help to eliminate the drought we have been experiencing.

To continue with the ongoing story of the evolution of Worldboots, on November 4, 2016, Worldboots, Inc. introduced its new “sneakerboots” to the “World” at a launch party at The District by Hannah An. The launch party...

Good Morning from WORLDboots

Good Morning from the Worldboots, Inc headquarters in sunny Southern California – well today it is more like liquid sunshine but hey, we need the rain really bad and it is wonderful to finally be getting some actual rain instead of just “drizzle”. Besides, it is the perfect opportunity to wear your Lees or Hemera sneakerboots.

Since this is our first blog, I thought I would “keep it simple” and just tell everyone a “short story” (the key word here is “short”) about how Worldboots came to fruition.

The “idea”...